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During this seven-night trip, you will follow the Yukon Quest – the toughest dog sled race on Earth. You will see the nail-biting finish, meet up with the teams at a checkpoint and will also spend two days driving your own team of sled dogs across jaw-dropping frozen landscapes.

What's included?

  • Transfers: return airport transfers* and fully-guided ground transportation throughout
  • Accommodation: 5 nights’ standard twin/double room accommodation in Whitehorse, 2 nights’ standard twin/double room accommodation in Dawson City
  • Meals: 4 lunches
  • Activities: Dawson City sightseeing tour, Dawson City checkpoint, two full-day dog sledding tours, Yukon Quest race finish, Yukon Wildlife Preserve visit (the order of activities is subject to change)
  • Services of our expert local guides
  • Winter clothing for the duration of the holiday

Please note that flights are not included, however, they can be arranged. Please contact our Travel Experts for a quotation

*Flights must arrive and depart between 8 am-8 pm, otherwise, you will use the hotel’s free airport shuttle service

This trip has been carefully designed to highlight the best of the Yukon, following the famous Yukon Quest dog sledding race as part of a fully-guided, small group tour. Stopping at some of the most interesting places in the province along the way, you’ll also get to enjoy two days of dog sledding in the Canadian wilderness; embracing the true spirit of the race.

The Yukon Quest is regarded as the toughest dog sledding race on earth and sees up to 50 teams of mushers and sled dogs competing across a race track that spans 1,000 miles from Whitehorse, Yukon through to Fairbanks, in Alaska. Travelling along some of the most remote and untamed wilderness in North America, some mushers aim to complete it within 10 days; the words ‘endurance race’ certainly have a different meaning here!

The race was created in 1984 and the route follows parts of the fascinating Klondike Gold Rush trail from the late 1800s, as well as traditional routes used by early explorers and adventurers. Crossing frozen rivers and mountain summits, the trail has nine checkpoints along the way, some of which are separated by more than 200 miles.

Fear not, however, as our trip has been expertly crafted to offer you the best of the Yukon Quest, without the perils of a 19th Century expedition, but packed with just as much adventure!

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You’ll begin your tour in Whitehorse, then venture north to Dawson City to watch the famous race checkpoint in this gold rush town. Cheering the teams on, you’ll feel the buzz and excitement of the race against the clock. You’ll have plenty of time to explore this small town, where you’ll learn about the history of the area and the fame and fortune that was found during the gold rush. It’s like stepping back in time to an age of wooden boardwalks, swinging saloon doors and dancing cabaret acts…you can almost hear the clink of glasses and the shouts of the miners striking it rich!

From Dawson, you’ll head back south to Whitehorse, where you can try your own hand at dog sledding with two full days out on the trails, achieving your own sense of glory and accomplishment. There’s something incredibly special about having the opportunity to experience dog sledding in the Yukon, home of the mightiest race on earth, in a place where dog sledding has been a part of native First Nations’ lives for hundreds of years.

While in Whitehorse, you’ll also witness the incredible finish of the Yukon Quest, as the first team dashes across the line in a cloud of frost and snow, to become champion; a breath-taking sight! You’ll also make a stop at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where you can see some of the local wildlife, such as moose, caribou (reindeer), musk-ox and elk.

By the end of your week here, you’ll come away with amazing memories of adventure and discovery, coupled with some fantastic tales to tell your friends and family when you return.

 Image credits: Arctic Range Adventure Ltd
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Key facts

Duration: 7 nights
Pace: Active
Suitable for: Ages 18+ with a good level of physical fitness. See days 5 & 6 of the agenda for further information.
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  • After landing at Whitehorse Airport, you will be picked up and transferred* to your nearby, downtown hotel.

    Whitehorse sits proudly on the banks of the Yukon River and is surrounded by rolling hills, covered in woodland and painted white with snow.

    There is a wide range of cafés and restaurants in town and your hotel is only a few minutes’ walk away from the centre. Take a stroll along the streets and let the cool, refreshing air grip you as you venture through this former frontier-town.

    One of our favourite places for a proper northern meal is Klondike Rib and Salmon, which is in one of Whitehorse’s oldest buildings. It’s small inside, but as the locals will tell you, it’s definitely worth the wait. Wild game, smoked meats, local fish and homemade bread are just some of the tasty dishes on the menu – we thoroughly recommend the elk carpaccio to get you into the Yukon spirit!

    Depending on your arrival time, you will collect your winter clothes tonight, or tomorrow morning.

    *Flights must arrive between the hours of 8am-8pm to be eligible for the group transfer, otherwise, you will need to use the hotel’s free shuttle service.

    Included Meals:  None
  • Heading north on the road from Whitehorse to Dawson City, today you will travel along the Klondike Highway where you’ll begin to get a sense of the incredible size of the Yukon Territory. It is stunningly vast and varying in terrain, from its wide, frozen rivers and deep gorges, to the rolling, snow-lined hills and the jagged mountain peaks, towering into the sky above. It’s similar in size to Spain, but home to around 40,000 people; a population which is dwarfed by the resident moose and reindeer.

    The journey to Dawson is around 330 miles and will take approximately 7 hours, with scenic stops along the way. A picnic lunch is included today.

    Dawson is a must-see when visiting the Yukon. It still has a frontier-town look and feel, with its unpaved streets and wooden boardwalks. You’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time to the Old West, in a place where the dancehalls are buzzing with the sounds of singing and laughter, the saloons are packed with miners looking to spend their hard-earned gold and the chimneys are smoking, as the cafés cook up their hearty meals to keep everyone fuelled up.

    This is the place where the world-famous Klondike Gold Rush started in 1896, leading to a boom of people, which created the largest city north of Seattle and west of Winnipeg. It’s estimated that over 100,000 people set out on the stampede in search of gold and it was with this hysteria that Dawson came to prosper. The former city and surrounding area is now home to around 1,300 people.

    On arrival, your guide will take you on a short tour of Dawson before you head to the race checkpoint to see how the teams are doing. Hopefully, the first teams should start arriving at some point this evening, or early tomorrow; an announcement that is hard to miss, as the town’s fire siren whirrs into action!

    It’s also worth remembering that, here in Canada’s far north, you’re in prime Northern Lights territory, so be sure to keep an eye to the sky in search of the lights tonight.

    Included Meals:  Lunch
  •  “Gold! Gold! In the Klondike!” was the cry heard and read throughout the world when the prospectors found the first nuggets of gold, glistening in the rippling rivers and it is with this in mind that Dawson keeps its traditions alive, as the first Yukon Quest sled over the checkpoint line is given several ounces of gold as a prize…maybe the musher will continue the tradition of enjoying a drink or two in the local saloon with their new-found riches!

    You’ll be close to the action as the teams start to arrive in Dawson and you’ll likely have a chance to meet some of the mushers and their dogs, all of whom will probably appreciate the human interaction after their stint in the wild!

    It can be hard to appreciate the difficulty of the Yukon Quest, which is sometimes overshadowed by its Alaskan counterpart, the Iditarod. But, as we found out on a trip to the Yukon, the locals are fiercely passionate about the differences between the two. We naively mentioned that the Iditarod was the toughest dog sledding race on earth and were swiftly put in place by a seven-time finisher of the Yukon Quest who turned a shade of vibrant puce at the very thought if it. He then proceeded to highlight the number of check-points for rest and re-supply (9 compared to around 20)...quickly apologising for his outburst shortly after. We certainly never mentioned the Iditarod again!

    During the day, your guide will take you to various sights of historical interest where you can learn more about the gold rush, as well as the local Trondek Hwechen First Nation.

    The teams will continue to arrive throughout the day and into the evening; perhaps under the dancing eye of the Northern Lights above. If you head to one of the local saloons tonight (your hotel has one of the best), you’ll more than likely bump into a musher or two!

    Included Meals:  None
  • As the mushers race their way to Whitehorse, you too will journey back south to watch them speed over the finish line at the end of the week.

    Following breakfast this morning, you will be back on the road, making a few stops along the way. The transfer will take approximately 7 hours. A picnic lunch is included today.

    On the way south, you will stop at Five Finger Rapids, which the gold prospectors had to navigate on home-built rafts, with several ending up in the roaring, tumbling rapids of the Yukon River, being spat out the other side with their possessions in tatters. Thankfully, you’ll just be looking from the river bank today.

    Arriving in Whitehorse later today, you’ll have the evening free to enjoy as you wish.

    Included Meals:  Lunch
  • Today and tomorrow, you will take to the trails in charge of your own team of dogs. You’ve seen how the professionals do it, so now you have the chance to discover what it feels like to drive your own sled.

    During this full day tour, you’ll learn how to handle your canine companions who will be bursting with excitement and eager to start running on the snow. Your expert guide will show you how to control your team and leave you feeling confident in your ability to become a Yukon pioneer.

    Although dog sledding is an everyday part of life to many people here in the Yukon, the feeling of sledding across the snow-covered trails, as your dogs all run in peaceful unison is incredibly rewarding and one you’ll never forget.

    Embrace your surroundings as you glide past the rolling hills and mountains and the never-ending blanket of forest. The Yukon is a world away from the hectic pace of modern life and it is here that you can really appreciate true wilderness and the rich history of discovery, exploration and the unknown.

    Throughout the tour, you will drive your own sled. Lunch on the trail is included and you will spend approximately 6-7 hours on the sleds, with plenty of breaks along the way, so you will need to have a good level of fitness to participate.

    After your day on the sled, you will return to your hotel in Whitehorse for a well-earned rest.

    Included Meals:  Lunch
  • If you want to achieve the goal of becoming a fully-fledged dog musher, then a second full-day of dog sledding will certainly do that for you (you may be a future Yukon Quest entrant in the making?). You’ll hit the trails once again today, your sled crunching the snow below as you glide across the wintery plains, steering your team through the forests and over the frozen rivers as your expert, local guide leads the way.

    As with yesterday, you will drive your own sled and you will be on the trails for around 6-7 hours, with plenty of rest breaks and lunch in between.  

    Included Meals:  Lunch
  • Imagine a snow-covered street in a small Canadian town and I’m sure you can conjure up images of winter life here in Whitehorse. Now, add to that a huge number of huskies, lots of mushers and plenty of fans, and the finish line of the Yukon Quest becomes one of the most exciting winter scenes you’re likely to witness.

    After sledding for 1000 miles, the mushers and their teams will be sprinting to the line in a bid for glory and the atmosphere will be electric!

    During the day, you will also visit the huge Yukon Wildlife Preserve, which is home to several species, including moose, caribou (reindeer), elk and deer. Here you will learn about the wildlife of the region and how it thrives in various habitats.

    You will spend one final night in Whitehorse, so why not head to a hearty, local restaurant for another taste of Yukon cooking and hospitality prior to your flight home tomorrow. We think Antoinette’s is the place to be, serving the rare but amazing fusion of  Caribbean-infused Yukon dishes, such as Arctic char burgers with pineapple salsa, or the crispy guacamole salmon with corn salsa; your mouth just waters at the very prospect of it!

    Included Meals:  None
  • The time has come for you to head back home with thoughts of exploration, discovery and adventure, ready to tell your friends about all of your achievements and your trail in the footsteps of the stampeders and pioneers.

    Included Meals:  None

Included in price

Westmark Whitehorse

Nights: 1,4-7

The Westmark Whitehorse holds an enviable location, situated in the heart of downtown Whitehorse. Within easy reach of several cafés, restaurants and bars, it is ideally placed for your stay here and provides brilliant access to various attractions, with the beautiful Yukon River only a short walk away from the hotel.

Clean and comfortable, the hotel has 181 rooms in total, as well as its own restaurant and lounge and is of a standard comparable to other hotels within Whitehorse.

Hotel facilities

  • Steele Street Restaurant & Lounge serving dishes such as authentic Yukon salmon or Alaskan halibut as well as craft beers from the local Yukon Brewery
  • There is an on-site fitness centre for guest use
  • Wi-Fi available throughout (fee applicable)
  • Desktop computers for guests to use
  • Laundry facilities
  • Luggage storage facilities

Room types

Standard Room

The welcoming and comfortable rooms are equipped with either one or two double beds and include an en-suite bathroom. The room amenities include coffee maker, hairdryer, iron & ironing board, telephone, radio and TV.

Please note: if the Westmark Whitehorse is unavailable at the time of booking, you will be placed in a hotel of the same standard in downtown Whitehorse

Image credits: Arctic Range Adventure Ltd & Westmark Whitehorse

Downtown Hotel, Dawson City

Nights: 2-3

This hotel is perfectly suited for those who want to experience the history and heritage of Dawson City and to gain a glimpse into the gold prospectors lives all those years ago. Its wooden façade, complete with boardwalk and balcony, is straight out of the Gold Rush days.

The hotel sits in the heart of Dawson City, close to some of the most popular places in town, such as Diamond Tooth Gerties, the Old West-inspired casino, and the Palace Grand Theatre, which is a replica of the original 1899 building and hosts various shows. It’s also only a short walk away from several restaurants, cafés and the Yukon River.

Hotel facilities

  • There is a hot tub available for guests to use in the annexe building
  • The Jack London Grill serves up hearty, local food to keep you going throughout the day
  • There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel
  • The Sourdough Saloon is one of Dawson’s most famous bars. Here you can become an honorary Yukoner (or sourdough) if you are brave enough to try the ‘Sourtoe Cocktail’…whisky with a human toe in it. ‘You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe!’

Room types

Standard room

The hotel has 59 rooms in total, with 34 in the main hotel building and 25 in the annexe across the street. Each room offers a basic and comfortable standard of accommodation, containing two double beds, or two single beds, each with en-suite facilities. TVs and coffee makers are available in each room.

 Image Credit: Downtown Hotel, Arctic Range Adventure

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Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/                                                   

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