Northern Sweden is a vast wilderness playground. It sits between Finland and Norway and it almost feels as if it mashes together their landscapes, picking and choosing the parts it prefers.

We love Sweden and have spent many years exploring its most northerly reaches in search of the best possible experiences and destinations for our guests.

The country’s northern highlights shine in both the summer and the winter months.

You can hike under the Midnight Sun or sleep in an Ice Room at the world-famous ICEHOTEL® in Jukkasjärvi. You can raft on the Lainio River or dogsled across the frozen landscape. The options are varied and plentiful.

There is so much to recommend Sweden but, in our opinion, it is the people that you will meet during your holiday that make the destinations so very special. We’ve been lucky enough to visit the destinations we feature on numerous occasions and we always return feeling like we have left the company of good friends, which is exactly how we want our guests to feel when returning from one of our holidays.

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Get Away From It All

Part of the allure of Northern Sweden and Swedish Lapland is the opportunity to experience untouched wilderness firsthand. Fifteen percent of Sweden lies above the Arctic Circle, and the whole region is characterised by seemingly unending forests, tumbling rivers and remote lakeside villages where it can be -40°C in winter and +30°C during the summer months.

Northern Sweden is also the homeland of around 20,000 indigenous Sámi people who have one of the oldest cultures in the modern world and parts of the region have been awarded a prestigious UNESCO status. Roughly translated, the locals say that these wide open spaces allow for large thoughts and indeed, we do find that it is in the wilds of Sweden that we often find the time and space to think.

The destinations we have chosen provide some unforgettable experiences in stunning surroundings. The wilderness of Swedish Lapland and offers exceptional views out across the wilds; the perfect place to unwind and reflect after an active day.

The ICEHOTEL® requires little introduction, a famous landmark in Swedish Lapland, this monument to snow and ice architecture is something to behold. Spending a night in a room made of snow and ice offers some serious ‘chill out time’ in what is a very, very ‘cool’ hotel (sorry!).

Our Swedish Top Tips

There’s an awful lot we could say about Sweden and so we spoke to the team and asked them for their ‘Top Swedish Tips’. Here are the best of our collective experiences:

  • Make the absolute most of the day and enjoy a hike under the Midnight Sun; it’s a remarkable experience.
  • Chill out at the ICEHOTEL®, whether you stay in warm or cold accommodation, this remarkable snow and ice monument does not disappoint.
  • Hunt for the Northern Lights on snowshoes - this is the most tranquil way to explore the wilderness after dark and if the Aurora dances overhead it will be one of the most memorable walks of your life.
  • Go ice fishing - it may not immediately sound that enticing but we promise that you very quickly get into the experience and if you land a catch it can be one of the most exciting activities you’ll do.
  • Sit around a campfire. This is something that happens daily in this part of the world but for most of us, enjoying such a simple pleasure in awe-inspiring surroundings is something we don’t get to experience often enough, if ever.

 Image credits:  Graeme Richardson, Pier Rynback, Staffan Widstrand and Visit Sweden,  Lola Akinmade Åkerström and imagebank. sweden.se, THE ICEHOTEL®,  Asaf Kligerm, Frederik Broman 

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ICEHOTEL® - Tailor-Made

Our Locations

Northern Sweden is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. From the gentle forest and lake landscapes of the Gulf of Bothnia to the more rugged hills and mountains north of the Arctic Circle, there are year-round activities a-plenty to keep you occupied.

From dog sledding to ice sculpting, fishing to wilderness skills, there are countless unforgettable experiences to enjoy in this part of Scandinavia.

This is an impressive country and during the summer when the Midnight Sun brings 24 hours of daylight you can hike all day long (literally) enjoying the diverse Arctic flora. 

Despite all those daylight hours and summer’s higher temperatures, the clever people at the world famous IceHotel® have figured out how to build a fridge so large that the hotel can stay open for 365 days of the year. It’s a remarkable thing on a summer’s day to step into a building constructed of just snow and ice.

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What an incredible experience we've had in Sweden. Right from the moment we were greeted at the airport to our return, the entire holiday ran like clockwork - we felt safe, comfortable, well taken care of, with minute attention to detail - be it the food or the activities. I'd highly recommend Swedish Lapland - our best holiday ever!!!


Samantha and Shanessa Fernandes
Travelled 1st April 2017

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