Husky Safaris

Husky safaris in the Arctic

There are few more memorable ways to travel in the Arctic than by dog sled. We simply implore anyone who is able to go on a dog sledding adventure, to do so. The experience of crossing a wild and remote landscape in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

It offers such a strong sense of connection to the environment as your team of eager dogs, delighting in their work, pull you across frozen landscapes. Though often known as husky sledding, it is actually a variety of breeds that take part in dog sledding who are all trained by local expert mushers.

Dog sledding holidays

We offer a comprehensive range of dog sledding holidays to make this activity accessible to as many people as possible. Traditionally reserved for explorers and professional racers, we’re thrilled to offer our guests this incredible experience across our holiday destinations.

Most of our winter holidays include a dog sled safari. They range from introductory experiences with two people sharing a team, through to epic overnight adventures exploring the frozen landscapes and staying overnight in remote wilderness cabins. We have something for everyone to enjoy. If you do not want to control the dogs yourself, you can travel in a sled controlled by the musher.

You could tailor your holiday in Ranua or Torassieppi, choosing the husky safari that fits in with your winter break. Or you could choose an itinerary completely focused on dog sledding. Dog sledding in Finland, in particular, is extremely popular. Learn more about dog sledding tours in Finnish Lapland here. 

However you want to experience dog sledding, we have the holiday for you.

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What can I expect from dog sledding?

When you arrive to meet the dogs for the start of any activity, you will most certainly hear them before you see them! Their excitement and desire to take to the trails is impossible for them to contain. However, as soon as the anchor is released and you accelerate to the dogs’ steady pace, they will fall silent. In fact, often all you can hear as you move through the wilderness is the sound of their paws on the snow.

No matter which safari you enjoy, you will receive full instruction and a safety briefing before departure. An expert guide will accompany you on the safari, travelling either with their own dogs or by snowmobile. So, while this is your adventure, you will have the expertise of an experienced musher nearby.

Can I go dog sledding in the summer?

You can still have encounters with the dogs during summer. Rather than being pulled on a sled across the snow, you’ll have a different experience either walking with the sled dogs through stunning landscape or during a ride in a cart. There are plenty of ways to enjoy time with these animals year-round. View our dog sledding summer holidays here. 

Image credit: Antti Pietikainen


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