Reindeer Safaris

Reindeer and Lapland

Reindeer are an integral part of life in Lapland. They are historically, culturally and politically significant to the area, and the reindeer experiences we offer during our winter holidays are designed to introduce you to this age-old tradition of reindeer herding. . Whether you’re travelling in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, or you’re simply meeting the wonderful animals at an authentic reindeer farm, all activities are crafted to give you a true insight into their local importance to the indigenous Sámi people.

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History of reindeer herding

Excavations across Scandinavia have revealed hunting pits and stone carvings of reindeer, confirming that reindeer herding has been present in this remote region since the Stone Age. Hunting was the first practice, then domestication and herding, solidifying the importance of the reindeer in these regions.

Herding entails reindeers being used for transport, milk and meat production, as well as their valuable antlers. Their insulating hides have also been extremely important in the harsh winter conditions.

Sámi reindeer herding is found in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Although the practice underwent a transformation with the introduction of snowmobiles in the 1960s, reindeer herding would not be possible without the maintenance of traditional knowledge that is passed on through the generations.

Reindeer herding today

As well as being a strong feature of the region’s history, reindeer herding remains of the utmost importance to the area to this day. The industry not only puts back into the economy, but it also means the Sámi culture continues to be celebrated.

Their significance as a form of employment also means that reindeer herding is reserved as an occupation for the Sámi people across many regions of Scandinavia. The ‘right to a reindeer’ requires that the person is a Sámi and also that reindeer herding has been the primary occupation of the person, their parents or grandparents.

Your reindeer experience in Finland

Of course, the reindeers’ presence in the area also means amazing experiences for our clients during our holidays to Finland .

The reindeer safaris we offer on our trips are designed to give you an understanding of local reindeer herding. You’ll spend time with the herders at their farms and in many cases, get close to the animals. Sleigh rides are also included on a lot of our excursions to provide you with a wonderfully peaceful way to travel through your surroundings.

Up close, reindeer are gentle, placid creatures and your encounters will give you a chance to enjoy them in their natural environment. The guides and herders are on hand to answer any questions and can share stories about their life here. However, you must never ask a reindeer herder how many animals they have as it’s effectively like asking for their salary!

We strongly believe in the importance of responsible travel and try to promote cultural experiences such as our reindeer safaris in order for our guests to get to know some of the traditions of Lapland. It also helps you form a stronger connection to the location you’re in when you immerse yourself in the culture.

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