Ice and Snow Hotels

The coolest accommodation

For many travellers, a night in a snow or ice hotel is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable night’s stay. The chance to sleep in a hotel made of ice and snow and the opportunity to marvel at the incredible art and designs that are handcrafted each season is something not everyone gets to experience.

The ice and snow hotels are reconstructed every year with walls, fixtures and fittings all made from this natural resource. As well as providing bedrooms, the majority also feature fantastical sculptures, snow chapels and bars complete with drinks in ice glasses.

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What’s it like sleeping in an ice and snow hotel?

Spending a night in a room made of ice and snow is a truly memorable experience. The insulation of the snow makes them an incredibly quiet space for a peaceful night and the crisp, fresh air provides a cleansing breath.

Room temperatures sit at around -5oC but you will be tucked up warmly in an Arctic grade sleeping bag on top of reindeer skins. You may have the urge to wear as many items of clothing as possible to stay warm, but all you really need is your thermals and a hat – the sleeping bag and reindeer skins will keep you surprisingly snug!


First constructed in 1989, the original ICEHOTEL® in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden has since developed into a globally renowned brand, famed for spectacular ice art. In 2018, the ICEHOTEL® became the first ever Nordic Swan Ecolabel hotel made completely of ice and snow. It’s also certified a Sustainable Arctic Destination.

Every year, the hotel invites artists from around the world from a variety of backgrounds such as photography, architecture and theatre to participate in crafting its intricately designed and unique suites.

The hotel now boasts ICEHOTEL®365, a permanent fixture to the ICEHOTEL® which allows visitors to sleep in a room of ice and snow at any time of year. Thanks to solar power, and the brilliance of the Midnight Sun which never sets between late-May and mid-July, guests can enjoy the remarkable piece of icy architecture whichever season they visit.

What’s more, for those who want to avoid the cold, the ICEHOTEL® has a range of accommodation options, not just rooms made of ice and snow. That means you can still admire the ice sculptures, enjoy a drink in the ice bar and try delicious local delicacies before retiring to your warm room.

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Ice and snow hotels in Norway and Finland

Since the ICEHOTEL®’s success, there are now many other snow hotels across Scandinavia.

For example, the Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway is surrounded by mountains, forest and a fjord to really get you back to nature. Inside you can enjoy the fantastic ice bar and drink from an ice glass as you marvel at the sculptures around you. Although each year provides a new theme, the hotel stays true to its roots, taking inspiration from Norwegian and Sámi traditions.

The Torassieppi Winter Village is built anew each year in the wonderful surroundings of frozen lakes, fells and forests. It is a small but magical experience complete with snow rooms, ice restaurant and snow chapel. On some of our winter holidays to Torassieppi, Jeris or Harriniva, you can add a visit or an evening stay at the Winter Village. Simply view our holidays and click on the ‘personalise’ tab to see your options.

How to book a room at a snow or ice hotel

Whichever destination and snow or ice hotel you choose, you are sure to have a remarkably memorable experience and we can think of no better way to complete your winter break. Simply call our Artisan Travel Experts on 01670 785 085 to find out more or view all of our ice and snow hotel holidays here.

Credit: Kirkenes Snow Hotel, THE ICEHOTEL®Asaf Kilger, Luc Voisin, Mathieu Brison and Paulina Holmgren



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