Holidays to Lapland

Lapland holidays have long been synonymous with Christmas but through our extensive visits here we know just how much more there is to this wonderful part of the world.

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Where is Lapland?

Lapland refers to the northernmost wilderness regions of Finland as well as parts of Sweden and Norway. It covers a vast area above the Arctic Circle and its extreme northerly location means visitors get a unique holiday experience, no matter what time of year you take your Lapland break

When to travel to Lapland

There’s the continuous daylight in summer and the wonder of the ‘Midnight Sun’. The brilliantly bright autumnal colours of ‘Ruska’ as the seasons change to the dark polar nights of winter, perfect for Northern Lights viewing. It’s not an understatement to say that there is a real magic in the Lappish air.

Summer in Lapland takes place from around June till August and with it comes the majestic Midnight Sun. This is a brilliant occurrence where the sun doesn’t set at all, so you can see the best of the landscape at any time of day. Following such long winter nights, the locals really make the most of the summer so there’s always plenty to see and do no matter where you visit. You can also enjoy mild temperatures averaging around 150C.

You’ll know as soon as autumn starts to make an appearance in Lapland with the huge shift in colours sweeping the landscape. This influx of autumnal colours is so apparent that in Finland this time of year has its own name, ‘Ruska’, meaning the colour of autumn leaves. The best time to enjoy this season is usually late September/early October with temperatures averaging around 70C. There are also brilliant displays to see in the sky too, as the sun sets and the Northern Lights start to appear.

Though winter brings long and dark nights, it also means the inky black sky gives the perfect conditions for Northern Lights viewing. What’s more, usually by late November the snow has started to settle and this opens up an abundance of winter activities. Average temperatures of around -50C keep the snow firmly in place as you snowshoe, snowmobile, dog sled and sleigh ride through the landscape.

Our holidays to Lapland

The region’s capital is the small city of Rovaniemi but our holidays to Lapland cover a much more diverse playground. From the enticingly remote areas of Northern Finland to the dazzling fjords of Norway and the mountains of Sweden. A plethora of forests, fells, rivers and lakes await you in Lapland.

Father Christmas in Lapland

The region is also, of course, home to Father Christmas. This means it is greatly popular as a family destination but rest assured that Artisan Travel is dedicated to taking you outside of the Father Christmas resorts. If you are looking for a family holiday, please visit our sister brand who specialise in family travel:

What activities can I do in Lapland?

There are a huge amount of winter activities available in Lapland for both adventurous and relaxed visitors alike. During our Lapland holidays, we offer endless opportunities to make the most of this incredible landscape.

Both locals and tourists enjoy traditional activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. With designated tracks, these activities are peaceful ways to explore the scenery and wildlife.

For thrill seekers and those wishing to cover greater distances, snowmobiles are the transport of choice. As well as being fun, they have also become vital to many remote communities here.

There are two famous animals in Lapland; huskies and reindeer who both play a part in some popular activities on offer. Husky sledding is one of the most sought-after adventures in Lapland. Those that have experienced the sheer joy of riding along the trails of the snow-topped forest, pulled by an eager team of dogs will tell you that you can’t miss this amazing experience.

Reindeers are also synonymous with Lapland and you can enjoy a reindeer sleigh ride during many of our holidays to Lapland. As reindeers are incredibly important to the culture, traditions and lifestyle of Lapland, our reindeer experiences offer an insight into the role they play.

It’s not just the daylight hours that open up special experiences. During the evening, you can go on the hunt for the Northern Lights. We offer dedicated activities for this and because many of our locations are in what’s known as the ‘Aurora Zone’, you could see the Northern Lights simply by stepping outside.

It’s because of these locations that we also offer some truly memorable nights in amazing accommodation. A glass igloo opens up views of the night sky right from your bed and a stay in an Ice Hotel really makes the most of your wintery surroundings. 

The Sámi people in Lapland

The Sámi community are the indigenous people of the Lapland region. They are semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers who made their home in this unique location approximately 400 years ago, making them one of the oldest cultures in Europe.

Recognised and protected under international conventions, the Sámi people today make their livelihood mainly from reindeer herding but also farming, fishing, hunting and handicraft.

At Artisan Travel, we pride ourselves on authentic travel experiences. That’s why we incorporate as much Sámi culture into our Lapland holidays as we can to allow a deeper understanding of this fascinating region.

Let us help you plan your dream holiday to Lapland and fill it with the bucket-list experiences to make your holiday once-in-a-lifetime. Talk to one of our Artisan Travel Experts today to get started. Call 01670 785 085

View all Lapland holidays here

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