The Treehotel

A unique stay

Whether you want to realise your childhood treehouse dreams or you simply want to stay in an accommodation that is truly unique and exclusive, the Treehotel is an experience not to be missed. With seven rooms each with their own theme and charm, in wonderful natural surroundings, this really is the accommodation to complete your unforgettable holiday.

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The Treehotel – an impeccable Swedish design

Sweden is widely renowned for contemporary design and when you give Swedish designers free rein to create their most fantastical rooms, you get some incredible results. The brainchild of Kent and Britta, the couple who own the nearby guesthouse with restaurant and reception, The Treehotel offers seven rooms that have been expertly crafted, each with their own allure.

Where is the Treehotel?

Located in the heart of Swedish Lapland, a night here is an unforgettable and sometimes surreal experience which can be included in our holidays in the Luleå region of Swedish Lapland.

The Treehotel can be found in Harads, a lovely village with a population of only 600 people. Then it’s just a short walk into the surrounding nature to your treeroom. The scenery here is truly spectacular; the valley, miles of forest and the sound of the powerful Lule river all make for a truly peaceful retreat.

The rooms

The rooms all have wonderful pine forest surroundings and many sit high in the air, putting you right in the treetops for an even better vantage point.

Whilst you get to stay in ultra-modern accommodation, your meals are served in the homely and characterful Britta's Guesthouse. You will enjoy evening meals here and breakfast following your night amidst the trees.

In keeping with the Treehotel’s stunning natural location, the rooms have been constructed with environmentalism and sustainability. No trees were cut down during construction, all rooms feature sustainably sourced wooden floors, energy efficient eco-toilets and locally crafted fittings where possible. Hydroelectricity also powers all the rooms and the lighting consists of low-energy LED-systems. The bathrooms have water-efficient sinks and all wastewater is collected in a container that’s emptied daily.

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There are seven unforgettably unique rooms to choose from:

The 7th Room

Experience a traditional Scandinavian log cabin, but 10 metres up in the trees! What’s more, the outside terrace area is made of a strong net to offer the perfect place to lay down and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The Bird’s Nest

This room is perhaps the most fitting for its surroundings as the nest-like structure looks very much at home in the trees. The design is so true to its name, it is, in fact, quite hard to spot on first glance!

The Cabin

For a treetop retreat suited for couples, the Cabin room is wonderfully relaxing with views stretching far across the wild valley. It is easily accessible via a bridge walkway, making it a real favourite with guests.

The Mirrorcube

This spectacular design sees external mirrored walls reflecting the landscape around the cosy room, providing an innovative camouflage. It’s so well-hidden that it’s even covered with an infra-red film to prevent birds from flying into it.


A far cry from the natural surroundings, the UFO room is every big kid’s dream providing an experience that really is out of this world. In order to access the space ship suspended in the trees, a ladder will descend down, complete with smoke for an extra-terrestrial touch!

The Blue Cone

Contrary to its name, the Blue Cone is actually bright red in colour and is the perfect option if you want to stay in a treehouse room, without the heights.

The Dragonfly

This spacious accommodation is great for two couples travelling together. It is a tree suite with huge windows to really make the most of the surroundings.

View our holidays that offer a chance to stay in the Treehotel here

Image credits: Lola Akinmade Åkerström,, Graeme Richardson, TreeHotel


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