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Atlantic Islands Collection

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Monday, 07 January 2019

Europe, but not as you know it

Situated in the mid-Atlantic, two archipelagos stand out as some of the last places in Western Europe that still feel undiscovered. During a holiday to the Azores or Madeira, you’ll feel like you’re one of the first to explore these islands as you journey both on land and at sea.

With lush green vegetation covering towering mountains, volcanic terrain taking you up to incredible views and surrounding waters filled with marine life, our Atlantic Islands Collection is Europe, but not as you know it.

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Witness the Midnight Sun

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Friday, 29 December 2017

Explore Northern Scandinavia as it is bathed in 24 hour daylight.

©Explore the North

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Discover the wildlife of The Azores

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Tuesday, 08 January 2019

A true bucket-list experience - whale and dolphin watching in open water! Click here to plan your next holiday. 

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Sail from island to island on a Small-Ship Cruise

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Monday, 16 March 2015

Take to the sea and get a unique vantage point of some of the most beautiful coasts in the world. Click here to view our small ship cruises. 


Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Nordic Summer Bucket List

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Friday, 15 July 2016

Just as the Arctic fox sheds its winter coat for the new season, the Nordic countries undergo an incredible transformation during the summer. With 24-hour sunlight, the ice melts and the long-frozen rivers and seas rush back into life, while the land fills with a spectacular bloom of flora. Visit the same Nordic destination in winter and then in summer and you will feel as if you have been in two completely different places. A holiday from the Artisan Travel Nordic Summer Collection will add some of that enchanting change to your travel bucket list.

The freshly-awakened activity playground replaces Northern Lights hunts and husky safaris on the snow with a new assortment of must-try experiences. These activities are unique to both the time of year and northerly location, giving you an all-encompassing holiday. Here are a few experiences to help inspire you:

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Mediterranean Bucket List

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Mediterranean offers holidaymakers so much more than just basking on a beach and working up a tan. For thousands of years, different civilisations have crossed and controlled its waters, exchanging all kinds of goods and customs. It is fitting that ‘Mediterranean’ means ‘in the middle of the earth’, as the sea has very much been the meeting point of numerous diverse cultures.

Our sun-soaked Mediterranean Collection transports you to the natural paradise of Croatia and the picturesque landscape of Gozo. Here are some bucket-list highlights to look forward to:

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

North America Bucket List

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Monday, 11 July 2016

Harvey Broome, an American conservationist and co-founder of The Wilderness Society, once made the following declaration:

‘Without wilderness, we will eventually lose the capacity to understand America. Our drive, our ruggedness, our unquenchable optimism and zeal and élan go back to the challenges of the untrammelled wilderness.’

Here at Artisan Travel, we agree wholeheartedly with Mr Broome which is why our North American holidays focus on showing you the best of the wilderness and getting you back to nature.

The vastness of North America promises all kinds of adventure, echoing the days of fearless pioneers making their way through its uncharted lands. As if mirroring the scale of the continent itself, the bucket list items are just as mighty. Here is a small selection of some of the grand experiences on offer:

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Nordic Winter Bucket List

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Monday, 11 July 2016

Out of all the items on a person’s bucket list, winter experiences are certainly some of the most magical – who would not be spellbound by celestial Northern Lights and Christmassy reindeer sleigh rides? A lot of these experiences are ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ in every sense of the term, such as snow and ice hotels. As these are built to a new architectural design every year, they really are distinctive attractions which are not to be missed!

Our Artisan Travel Nordic Winter Collection provides an extensive selection of holidays to help you tick as many snow-based items off your bucket list as possible. Here are a few unmissable winter experiences that you can look forward to:

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Andy Marshall

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Monday, 18 April 2016

Andy developed a love for adventure at an early age and after many years working for a small golf holiday operator, he decided to pursue his true passion of seeking some bucket list experiences. He is delighted to now also have the opportunity to sample some destinations that would otherwise be off limits and help like-minded travellers experience the same.

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Hunt for the Northern Lights

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Starting in Anchorage, this eleven-night tour will show you some of the best that an Alaskan winter has to offer.


©S Hogue & Explore Fairbanks

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