Situated in the far north of Norway, sandwiched between The Barents Sea, Finland and Russia, Kirkenes may seem a bit of an unlikely holiday destination but this frontier town has so much to offer.

This area really comes into its own when the winter arrives. The Northern Lights frequent, the skies overhead and the snow lies thick, creating the ideal playground for winter activities.
We have created a holiday to pull together all of the key experiences, such as dog sledding and snowmobiling, but there are also some which are unique to this region.

There are three things that Kirkenes is renowned for and the title of our ‘Northern Lights and the Snowhotel’ holiday really gives two of them away.

This region is smack in the middle of the Aurora Zone and therefore it is in prime Northern Lights territory. Our holiday includes a thrilling search for the lights, using snowmobiles to take you to a remote viewpoint, far away from any light pollution.

The Snowhotel is the second big draw and this marvel of snow and ice architecture is crafted each year. Guests can admire the sculptures, the rooms, and the ice bar.

The third big Kirkenes attraction is the chance to enjoy a king crab safari. These gigantic crabs live deep in the sea and are caught in pots. Their leg span can measure up to 5ft 9 inches!! They are an invader in these parts and so they are caught daily and are a real delicacy. You will see them being pulled from the pots and then later the same day you can sample the fresh crab legs. They are exquisite and grace tables in the world’s finest restaurants. We prefer to eat them in the crisp Arctic air, using our fingers!

Kirkenes is a fascinating place to explore and you really get the sense of being on a frontier. However, it really comes into its own when used as a base for exceptional Arctic activities.

Photography by Kirkenes Snowhotel

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