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All prices include: flights, transfers, accommodation, guided activities, meals and cold weather clothing; all as listed.

Key facts

  • Duration:7 nights
  • Pace:Active
  • Suitable for: Ages 18+ with a good level of physical fitness. See our terms for further information.
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  • Duration: 7 nights
  • Flights: 

    Return flights from London to Kittila, either direct or via Helsinki depending on departure date. Flight routes are subject to change.

  • Transfers: Return airport transfers are included
  • Accommodation: 3 nights safari house and 4 nights in wilderness cabin accommodation
  • Activities: 5-day husky safari with own team of dogs
  • Meals: 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners
  • Cold weather clothing for the duration of your stay
  • Fully qualified wilderness guides and instructors
  • Dedicated Artisan Travel Company representative at Harriniva

Driving your own team of huskies through the Finnish wilderness for five days, staying in remote cabins far from civilisation, is an arctic holiday experience that will stay with you forever. The stunning Pallas-Ylläs National Park in North West Lapland is said to have the cleanest air in Europe. You will get to fill your lungs and refresh your senses speeding through the snowy forests and across frozen lakes in this untouched wilderness.

Your journey begins at the Arctic Sled Dog Centre at the renowned and respected Harriniva Wilderness Hotel.

Your team of four to six dogs comes from the 400 huskies looked after here by expert mushers. These guides will teach you how best to act and react with your dogs when out on the trail. Soon you'll be working with your team as motivational musher of your own dog sled - it's a valuable lesson in teamwork. These amazing animals very quickly understand what you want them to do and deliver it with an enthusiasm and energy reserved for this particular breed of beautiful, hard-working dog.

Depending on the group's ability and the weather conditions, you can cover daily distances of between 25 to 40 kilometres. Over this distance and five unforgettable days, you will really get to know your dogs which all live and love to run in this Arctic playground.

At the end of your holiday, you can enjoy a unique night in either a snow room at Torassieppi Winter Village or in an Aurora Dome, see the 'Personalise' section of the holiday page for details. 

Image credits:  Antti Pietikäinen, Laura Hodgkiss (client), Steve Cushing (client), Martin Prcychodny (client), Sandra Patzner (client Dec '16)
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Our pick

  • Overnight at Torassieppi Winter Village

    From £79pp

    Spend a memorable night in a traditional snow igloo room within Torassieppi Winter Village. Snow structures and igloos have been used for centuries as a form of protection from the Arctic weather and whilst the outside temperatures can plummet, inside they remain more moderate.

    Your bed may be made of snow but the warm reindeer skins and thick sleeping bags which cover it ensure a warm night.

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    Any required transfers, sleeping bag, hot drink and breakfast all included. You will enjoy your evening meal at your hotel prior to transferring to your igloo.

    Please note that the price shown is based on your spending either the first or final night of your holiday in a snow igloo room and therefore you will not require your primary accommodation for this night. If you wish to stay on any other night then additional supplements apply so that you are able to keep your hotel/cottage accommodation. 

    Available: Monday to Saturday at 8.30pm

    Supplement: £79pp (for nights other than first or last of holiday)

    Please note: as activity schedules can be subject to change we may be unable to confirm the exact night that you will spend at Torassieppi although every effort will be made to accommodate specific requests they cannot be guaranteed. Your final itinerary including confirmation of the date of your stay at Torassieppi will be confirmed upon arrival in Finland.

    Please note: Prices are based on you spending the first or last night of your holiday in this unique accommodation and not keeping your original accommodation. If you would like to do this on any other night during your holiday you will need to keep your accommodation and supplements will apply.

    Please contact us for a quotation.

    Image credit: Antti Pietikäinen

Other options

  • Night in an Aurora Dome

    From: £126pp

    The remarkable Aurora Domes are situated at Torassieppi and offer a unique experience for overnight guests. These dome-shaped tents are filled with cosy features and they're simple but warm. The domes have been designed so that one wall is see through and therefore provides views of the night sky and, with luck, the Northern Lights.

    Read more about this activity

    The domes are equipped with a double bed and a wood burning stove to keep you nice and warm. The toilet, shower and sauna facilities are located a short walk away (50m).

    Any required transfers and breakfast are included. You will have dinner at your hotel prior to transferring to the domes.

    Please note: the price shown is based on your spending the first or final night of your stay in a dome and therefore not requiring a hotel room or cottage. Should you wish to spend an alternative night glamping then additional supplements will apply. Please contact one of our team for a quote.

    Available: Monday - Saturday

    Image credit: Antti Pietikäinen

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Sun 03 Dec 2017
to Sun 10 Dec 2017
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Adults£ 2,115
Sun 17 Dec 2017
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Adults£ 1,885
Sun 24 Dec 2017
to Sun 31 Dec 2017
Adults£ 2,195
Sun 31 Dec 2017
to Sun 07 Jan 2018
Adults£ 2,195
Sun 07 Jan 2018
to Sun 14 Jan 2018
Adults£ 1,995
Sun 14 Jan 2018
to Sun 21 Jan 2018
Adults£ 1,995
Sun 21 Jan 2018
to Sun 28 Jan 2018
Adults£ 1,995
Sun 28 Jan 2018
to Sun 04 Feb 2018
Adults£ 1,995
Sun 04 Feb 2018
to Sun 11 Feb 2018
Adults£ 1,975
Sun 11 Feb 2018
to Sun 18 Feb 2018
Adults£ 2,175
Sun 18 Feb 2018
to Sun 25 Feb 2018
Adults£ 2,195
Sun 25 Feb 2018
to Sun 04 Mar 2018
Adults£ 2,045
Sun 04 Mar 2018
to Sun 11 Mar 2018
Adults£ 2,045
Sun 11 Mar 2018
to Sun 18 Mar 2018
Adults£ 2,045
Sun 18 Mar 2018
to Sun 25 Mar 2018
Adults£ 1,865
Sun 25 Mar 2018
to Sun 01 Apr 2018
Adults£ 1,865
Sun 01 Apr 2018
to Sun 08 Apr 2018
Adults£ 1,865

Please note: Our holiday prices are based on the lowest available airline fares. These fares can sell out quickly and, as a result, prices may increase and supplements may be applicable. We recommend booking at the earliest opportunity in order to secure the best possible fares and flight times.

Next year's provisional dates and prices

To secure places for next season, you can make a provisional booking and fix the cost of your holiday at the provisional package price displayed online. Simply by paying a deposit, you will protect yourself from any package price increases. The departure dates and itineraries remain subject to change and we will contact you when the final dates and itineraries are confirmed. You will have 14 days to decide if you would like to go ahead. If you decide not to travel we will refund your deposit. We reserve the right to charge supplements where there are significant changes to an itinerary or increases in flight costs. Any non-package rates remain subject to change.

Sun 02 Dec 2018
to Sun 09 Dec 2018
Adults£ 2,355
Sun 09 Dec 2018
to Sun 16 Dec 2018
Adults£ 2,385
Sun 16 Dec 2018
to Sun 23 Dec 2018
Adults£ 2,120
Sun 23 Dec 2018
to Sun 30 Dec 2018
Adults£ 2,470
Sun 06 Jan 2019
to Sun 13 Jan 2019
Adults£ 2,245
Sun 13 Jan 2019
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Adults£ 2,245
Sun 20 Jan 2019
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Adults£ 2,245
Sun 27 Jan 2019
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Adults£ 2,245
Sun 03 Feb 2019
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Adults£ 2,225
Sun 10 Feb 2019
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Adults£ 2,445
Sun 17 Feb 2019
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Adults£ 2,470
Sun 24 Feb 2019
to Sun 03 Mar 2019
Adults£ 2,305
Sun 03 Mar 2019
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Adults£ 2,305
Sun 10 Mar 2019
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Adults£ 2,305
Sun 17 Mar 2019
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Adults£ 2,100
Sun 24 Mar 2019
to Sun 31 Mar 2019
Adults£ 2,100
Sun 31 Mar 2019
to Sun 07 Apr 2019
Adults£ 2,100

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Holiday group size (approximate)

Minimum 4; maximum 7

Group sizes
Most of our holidays require a minimum number of participants to operate. Minimum numbers are detailed on each holiday page and are always approximate. Group sizes for tailor made holidays will vary for each of the activities. For private departures you may also be joined by other guests during the activities unless you have discussed specific private activities with us.

If your selected date has not yet reached minimum numbers you will be informed at the time of booking. In the unlikely event that your chosen date has not reached the required minimum numbers nine weeks before your scheduled departure date we will contact you and discuss the various options available to you. We will always do all we can to operate a holiday and in some cases we may be able to operate the holiday by combining your itinerary with that of other guests for some activities (this may mean that the maximum group size is increased but this will be discussed in full with you).

If we are unable to operate the holiday then you will be offered the chance to transfer to an alternative holiday or date (subject to availability). If the alternative is more expensive you will be asked to pay the difference, if it is cheaper then you will be reimbursed. You will also be offered the option to cancel and receive a full refund of all monies paid.

Minimum age

Whilst Artisan Travel only sells holidays to those aged 18 years and over on a small selection of holidays there may be those under the age of 18 who have booked with other companies and where our local supplier also allow those under 18 to participate (additional activities during tailor made holidays for example). Our travel experts will answer any concerns you may have in this regard.

Medical History and advice

You must inform us at the time of booking if any of your party has a disability, medical or behavioural conditions which could affect their own participation in the holiday or indeed that of the other people on the holiday.

We cannot be held responsible for any incident or event arising from your failure to do so.

Experience and fitness

Any activities included in your itinerary are all designed for beginners. Full instruction and tuition is provided for all activities and you do not need to have any previous experience. For example you need never have set foot on a pair of skis of any kind before a cross-country ski tour. We have adults of all ages and fitness levels taking part in our holidays.

We do highlight certain itineraries where an increased level of fitness is required.If you have any questions at all with regards to fitness levels please get in touch and talk to one of our experts. You can find further details in our trip preparation section online. You must inform us at the time of booking if any of your party has a disability, medical or behavioural conditions which could affect their own participation in the holiday or indeed that of the other people on the holiday.

Guides and safety
It is absolutely essential when partaking in any activity that you listen very closely to, and abide by, the instructions provided. Nobody knows the environment better than our activity providers who work here almost everyday.

Consequently, their knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. If there is anything that you are unsure of during a safety briefing or that you would like to clarify with the guides please make this clear to them immediately before starting the activity.

There may be rare occasions when our guides consider local conditions unsuitable for a certain activity. Hence, your itinerary may be subject to change at short notice but we will always endeavour to firstly find a replacement on the day and secondly, to provide the cancelled activity later in your stay whenever possible. Very occasionally it proves impossible to provide the activity in which case you will be refunded when you return home.

Our guides' word on activities is always final and your safety is their principal concern at all times, please respect their decisions. By following their instructions, your safety and enjoyment during each activity will be greatly enhanced.

You must inform us of any medical conditions that may affect your participation in an activity at the time of booking.

Booking activities locally
In almost all of our destinations you can book and pay for additional activities locally. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss that occurs through any activities that are booked in your destination (see our terms and conditions for further details).

Please always ensure that your safety is your primary concern when arranging any such activity.

Car Hire

If your trip includes car hire the named driver must have a credit card registered in their name which they can present when they collect their car along with their driving licence, as a deposit will be held on the credit card.  Please see your trip dossier for full details.

Please note: physical fitness required for this holiday

To fully enjoy this holiday you do need a good level of physical fitness. Temperatures can be anywhere between -5ºC to even -45ºC but the thermal clothing you are provided will keep you toasty warm whatever the conditions. You will spend long parts of your day standing on the runners of the sledge for a few hours at a time but when required you may also be needed to walk/ jog behind the sledge for a short period and help the dogs push the sledge up any short hills (which are few and far between in this part of the world). Anyone with any recent injuries or longer term medical conditions who would like to discuss the level of physical activity required are more than welcome to speak to our travel experts who have all been lucky enough to take part in husky safaris of varying lengths (and are all manner of ages and levels of fitness too!).

To fully enjoy this holiday you do need a good level of physical fitness. Temperatures can be anywhere between -5ºC to even -45ºC but the thermal clothing you are provided will keep you toasty warm whatever the conditions. You will spend long parts of your day standing on the runners of the sledge for a few hours at a time but when required you may also be needed to walk/ jog behind the sledge for a short period and help the dogs push the sledge up any short hills (which are few and far between in this part of the world). Anyone with any recent injuries or longer term medical conditions who would like to discuss the level of physical activity required are more than welcome to speak to our travel experts who have all been lucky enough to take part in husky safaris of varying lengths (and are all manner of ages and levels of fitness too!).

Overnight husky safari

Please note: Should you wish to discontinue the overnight husky safari for reasons other than emergency evacuation, you will be charged an evacuation fee of €300.

  • Excellent Holiday - would love to do it again. 02 April 2017 by David Sedgewick

    As this was a short activity holiday little time was really spent in the Harriniva Centre but it was operated very efficiently and in a very friendly manner from what we experienced. On the husky safari, the local guide spoke good English and explained what was needed to be done very well. The 5 days (4 nights) out sledding with the dogs was an unforgettable experience. It was a great challenge
    Read more
    handling the sled and the dogs in sometimes very difficult conditions, especially when travelling through woodland along a narrow and very undulating route. The dogs, however, were amazingly easy to handle and loved their work and it was good to be able to look after them for the 5 days. We had a small party of 5 people plus the guide and everyone got on well together and got stuck into whatever jobs needed to be done. The least enjoyable activity was probably having to use the compostable toilets which were generally some distance from the log cabins and not warm. You also needed to remember to take a torch even during daylight!
    Read less

  • Thanks again for a great holiday 12 March 2017 by Pete & Ali Kennington

    We found your web site easy to use and informative and the booking process was simple and straightforward. The sales, after sales and administrative teams, were very helpful and the pre –trip documentation was easy to access and comprehensive. The transfer vehicles were clean, comfortable, prompt and safely driven. We stayed in the Harriniva Hotel on our first and last evenings
    Read more
    and not in a safari cabin – we were happy to have a double room rather than shared accommodation. The hotel was friendly and comfortable with a good choice and quality of food. Hanski, our guide for the 5 day husky safari, was excellent. The wilderness cabins were as described and in good locations. The food was very good local produce and there was plenty of it. We used most of the equipment provided and it was of good quality. Overall it was an excellent trip and if Artisan Travel were offering a holiday that suited our needs we would book with you again.
    Read less

  • We very much enjoyed this trip 05 March 2017 by Suzanne & David Rampersad

    We were well looked after by our guide who helped us to learn how to drive the sledges and look after the dogs. The scenery was lovely. The sledge riding was not too technical or challenging. At the end of each day there were camp chores to be done which were quite part of the experience of living in the wilderness. We found these highly enjoyable. In all it was a great way of getting away from
    Read more
    every day cares. The food was much better than we expected. It was good hearty food although not overly fancy. The saunas were good and hot. This is a wilderness trip so the accommodation was quite basic with outdoor drop toilets so you need to be prepared for this.
    Read less

  • Extremely well organised 28 February 2017 by Kathleen Mitchell

    Extremely well organised. Superb experienced guide - Hanski worked so hard in a sociable & professional manner for the whole trip. My son and I had a wonderful five-day husky safari in Lapland starting from Harriniva. We had our own sleds and dog teams and spent 5 days travelling from hut to hut. Our guide Hanski was extremely helpful, and made sure we were all suitably briefed for each
    Read more
    day. The equipment was excellent and at no time were we cold although temperatures fluctuated from 0 to minus 23 degrees C. We were also treated to some beautiful Aurora displays that made the trip even more special. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who likes a little adventure on their holiday!
    Read less

  • Absolutely loved my time in Finland 29 January 2017 by Leslie and Matthew Stanton

    The Whole Experience was amazing on the 5 Day Husky safari. Our guide Piita was knowledgeable skilful and friendly and made sure we maximised the experience. The dogs were friendly, if a little timid but excitable, and were very well cared for by peter and the kennel team. I would revisit for another activity in the future. Locals and staff very friendly and did not feel like a tourist as you do
    Read more
    in most other destinations. Absolutely loved my time in Finland. Keep up the good work.
    Read less

  • Would I go again - yes..definitely 22 January 2017 by Jeremy Gray

    If you want a different style of winter holiday then this is the one for you as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness and don't mind early starts. The level of accommodation throughout the trip is above average & with 4 nights in the 'wilderness' that speaks for itself, considering there is no running water or electricity but there is always a sauna. The actual sled safari is really
    Read more
    enjoyable - clean air: frozen lakes: forests: beautiful soft snow & the pattering of huskies trotting along all day. The Siberian huskies are friendly & hard working - you have supervised (by the Musher/Guide) responsibility for feeding them : (un) harnessing them: clearing poo (when in overnight camp) & taking photos of them! The guide was very hard working - overall responsibility for a pack of 27 dogs: cooking breakfast: lunch & dinner as well as sorting the log fires in the lodges. I was very lucky in that all 5 of us in the group got on really well - that chemistry is rather important & the guide that we had could not have been bettered. 
    Read less

  • A unique trip and a great experience 08 January 2017 by Deidre Ahern

    A unique trip and a great experience. You will need a reliable head torch for outdoor and indoor. Mine went on the blink but luckily I had an extra one. Some cabins don't have electricity. Take lots of spare batteries - they don't last very long in the cold - better to have too many than not enough!

  • Definitely one the of best holidays I have ever been on! 20 December 2016 by Sandra Patzner & Samuel Milburn

    One of the best trips I have ever had. A lot of it was due to the amazing scenery, the dogs, the Northern Lights, but staff everywhere were super friendly and helpful. The 5-day husky tour was well organised and very well run (considering that there were 7 of us and in total 38 dogs!). We stayed at the Harriniva hotel for a night before the tour, at one of their cabins for a night after our tour
    Read more
    and back at the main hotel for the last night. The hotel is warm and welcoming. Rooms are very comfortable, wood clad and well suited to the environment. There are plenty of saunas on sight. Staff were all very helpful, warm and friendly. The food was delicious. Fresh and varied, something for everyone. Local cuisine available and again, very tasty. We were given amazing gear (warm clothes) for our tour and despite being out and about on husky sleds at -20, I did not get cold once! The 5-day Husky tour was perfect. Hanks, our guide, knew her dogs inside out and quite clearly cared for them very much. She kept all of us informed and safe at all times. She is an excellent cook and the food on the safari was second to none. Especially loved the local food and finding out more about local traditions, beliefs and history. The wilderness huts on the 5-day tour are basic, but despite this very homely and really add to the charm of the tour. I have gotten used to the sauna every evening and rolling in the snow afterwards - 'tis the Finnish way! Seeing the Northern Lights just added to the magic of this beautiful and unforgettable winter wonderland experience. The landscape was breathtaking, it gets a lot lighter than I imagined and the sunrises/ sunsets are magical on a clear day. Definitely one the of best holidays I have ever been on! Back at the hotel, we used the cross-country skiing available. The chap in the equipment room was excellent at ensuring we had the right gear (especially sizes) and also gave us a fantastic mini lesson on how best to get started and managed to get us all skiing cross-country!
    Read less

  • Really experienced the Arctic wilderness 03 April 2016 by Rosemarie Ashforth & Kyle Hartigan

    Our Dog Sledding guide Piita was amazing; she had fantastic local knowledge and cared for the dogs and us so very well :). We got to bond with our teams of dogs and really experienced the Arctic wilderness.

  • We loved it 02 January 2016 by Melanie Lazenby

    This isn't a holiday for everyone, but it was 100% us. We loved it; we loved mucking in and certainly loved the dogs and scenery. It had a feeling of being in the wilderness, and we were so impressed at our guides expertise and generosity, especially to me being a vegan. The food was amazing as well. The huskies were simply amazing, I initially had concerns about how they'd be for five days, but
    Read more
    the whole safari is done at their pace, and they always came first, so ethically speaking it was fantastic, and lovely to hear that some have been rehomed by holiday makers once their working life was over.
    Read less

  • First class and exceeded all the expectations we had 29 December 2015 by Gareth Jones

    First class and exceeded all the expectations we had. Bonding with the dogs was something that will live me for a very long time.

  • Everyone was fantastic and made the holiday of a lifetime even more special 18 January 2015 by Ashley Jones

    Our rep at Harriniva, Katrina, could not have been more helpful and friendly. Made sure that everything went well. Similarly the lodge couldn't have been more helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone was fantastic and made the holiday of a lifetime even more special.

  • Dogs totally brilliant 16 January 2015 by David Mossop

    Favourite activity: The huskies - our guide was amazing and dogs totally brilliant.

  • Best holiday ever 08 January 2015 by Ethem Divanovic

    Husky safari - best holiday ever

  • A truly magical time 29 April 2012 by Adrian James

    Just returned from a 5 day Husky Safari in Finland. We had a truly magical time. The pre trip support was excellent and accurate. The highlight of our trip was sledding with the huskies, I wanted to take one of my dogs, Yeti, home with me but our guide Raikka would not agree! Living in the wilderness was very basic but brilliant. The food was wholesome, with plenty of it. The daytime cooking over
    Read more
    an open fire was particularly special. The wilderness cabins were as described and the saunas kept us cleaner than we'd thought. Our guide Raikka was hardworking and helpful, but expect to work hard yourself which added a genuine sense of living in the wilderness and made the relaxing in the evenings all the more enjoyable. We didn't see the Northern Lights so we will have to return. I would recommend a day's skiing at the local resort Olos, where everything was easy and the slopes were clear and well pisted.Thanks for a great trip!
    Read less

  • Just returned from an amazing 5 day husky dog sledding Xmas trip 31 January 2012 by Emma Schofield

    Have just returned from an amazing 5 day husky dog sledding Dec 2011 Xmas trip. It was fantastic, the weather was cold don't get me wrong, but nothing can compare to how friendly the dogs are and they are eager to get going no matter what the weather or time of the day and how cool sledding is!! The cabins are basic, no electricity or running water, but they are comfortable, there are mattresses
    Read more
    to sleep on and it's warm once the fire has been going for a bit. There are even toilets too! - well long drops, but you have to brace the cold to get to them from the cabins!!! It's not a typical holiday, you do have to help out feeding the dogs, lighting fires (if you want warm water or a sauna), chopping up dog meat, but it's fun - I never thought I would say that standing outside feeding dogs out of a huge trough in -10degrees would have me smiling, but the dogs have worked hard to get you there so you want to make sure they are fed and happy. It's picture perfect scenery - photos will never do it any justice!! The guides are super friendly and prepared to help out with anything - sledding is hard initially but after a few days you get the hang of it and by the end you are holding on with one hand and taking photos with the other! Food is super tasty - anything you can ever imagine cooked over a fire you will have! I'm a fussy eater and managed no problems!!
    Read less

  • The dogs were fantastic 11 January 2012 by Maeve Murphy

    The dogs were fantastic. Loved the fact that it was pretty much hard core wilderness i.e. no running water or electricity so it was truly back to basics. There was a great sense of achievement on completing the five day safari and totally recommend this trip.

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