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Harriniva - Five-Day Husky Safari


Saija - Husky Safari


Harriniva - Powder Pro Snowmobile

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The People

Almost all of our clients comment on the amazing people that they meet throughout their holidays. Our local partners and guides are second to none and will provide the warmest of welcomes, no matter what the temperature is outdoors. The benefit of working with the locals as we do is that our guests get the best possible insight into the region that they are visiting. Our partners' enthusiasm and passion for their home is always clear and it is testimony to the relaxed outdoor lifestyle that most people in Lapland enjoy.

In many of our destinations you will also gain an understanding of one of the last indigenous cultures in Europe. Lapland is defined as being the cultural home of the Sámi people and therefore as a region it crosses the borders of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. To this day the Sámi traditions are very much part of life in the region and the culture is respected and treasured. Traditionally Sámi people were heavily involved in reindeer herding and that remains the case today. Many of the reindeer herders that you can encounter during our holidays are Sámi people and the animals remain an integral element of the region even in the modern day.

The experiences

The multitude of activities available in Lapland is exceptional, no matter what the season.

In winter and spring dog sledding, reindeer safaris, snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, Aurora hunting and nights in snow igloos are some of the principal pastimes. In summer and autumn these are replaced with hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting and fishing with the Midnight Sun above the horizon for much of the time.

We do find that it is some of the smaller things that make Lapland so special and a place that really gets into the blood of those that travel there.

Food is very important to us here at Artisan and so Lapland is a firm favourite of ours. There are many places where the meals served are exquisite and menus throughout the region often feature delicacies such as Inari white fish, local wild salmon, king crab, cloudberries and of course reindeer. Many of our clients join us in saying that the simplest of meals can often be the most memorable. Sitting around an open fire where a guide conjures up a meal of sautéed reindeer and potatoes or glow-fired salmon is just wonderful.

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The outdoor lifestyle is also something that really captures the imagination. Many people in Lapland spend all of their free time outdoors. From a very young age children will be kayaking and cross-country skiing with their families, stopping at one of the thousands of small wooden kotas (tepees) dotted around the wilderness to light a fire, share stories, grill sausages and drink warm juice. The majority of our holidays, even the most leisurely, will enable you to enjoy some of these simple pleasures and we are sure you will come back wanting more.

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