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Midnight Sun

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10 things to do under the Midnight Sun

Below you will find just a taste of the activities and experiences which can be enjoyed on one of our holidays.

1) Capture it on camera – our wonderful Nellim trip offers the company of an expert photography guide who will help you to capture the essence of the Midnight Sun on camera with some exceptional experiences along the way. You can also enjoy some Midnight Sun photography on our Abisko trip.

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2) Swim in a lake – at the wonderful Sarmi Eco Lodge near Nellim, Finnish Lapland. We highly recommend taking a dip in the crystal waters of Lake Sarmi as midnight approaches - a fabulous experience.

3) Enjoy the wonder of Abisko National Park – this wild and remote park is explored as part of our Midnight Sun Adventure based in world famous Abisko in Sweden. This stunning wilderness can be seen in all its glory during this time of year.

4) Light a campfire – in our opinion one of the best things to do is to sit around a fire, in great company and enjoying a warm drink as the sun glides towards the horizon and the light becomes golden. This is possible in most of our destinations, but be warned - it is easy to stay up very late this way!

5) Enjoy a hot tub – we can think of few better places to enjoy the Midnight Sun than from the remarkable hot tub at Hamn I Senja on the island of Senja, Northern Norway. Made from a converted boat this experience is memorable for many reasons.

6) Stay in a tree – the views from the awe-inspiring rooms at the Treehotel in Sweden are spectacular but they are enhanced when the region is bathed in light and you can make the most of them 24-hours a day.

7) Dip your toes in the mighty Yukon River – we have a departure for our Yukon River Canoe Adventure on the 28th May. This means that not only can you enjoy the wonders of one of the mightiest rivers in the world during the day but you will also camp on its shores and give your feet a refreshing bathe as you enjoy a sundowner.

8) Spot a moose – in many of the destinations we visit for our Midnight Sun holidays you will encounter wonderful wildlife and birdlife. In Abisko National Park you have a great chance of spotting one of the majestic moose that live here.

9) Eat – the beauty of the extended daylight hours is that food such as mushrooms and berries are bountiful. Couple this with the abundance of fresh fish, reindeer and the wonderful waffles and cinnamon buns that are served in many destinations and we recommend making dinner last as long as possible.

10) Some things are best kept secret!

Where can I see the Midnight Sun?

The Midnight Sun is visible across the Northern regions of Scandinavia, Iceland, North America and Canada either side of the summer solstice.
For example, the remote and wild Nellim Wilderness Hotel in Finland experiences endless sun from around the 23rd May to the 22nd July. The island retreat of Senja or the cosmopolitan city of Tromsø in Northern Norway offer numerous weeks without a sunset between the 20th May and the 25th July.

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You do not, however, have to restrict yourself to these few short weeks to enjoy the experience of 24-hour daylight. Whilst the sun may dip beneath the horizon outside of these periods , this does not mean that you experience darkness. In the examples detailed above (excluding Iceland), you enjoy 24-hour daylight between (approximately) the first weeks of May through to the end of July/beginning of August. There is effectively no night during this period and many people believe that the stunning sunsets are well worth the visit.

During our Ultimate Midnight Sun Safari, you can witness these golden colours in Luleå before you travel North into the land of the Midnight Sun further north in Sweden and Norway.

In Iceland too, you can experience this period of 24-hour daylight even though the sun dips beneath the horizon (for around 28 minutes), from the beginning of June until the beginning of July; so if you need your sunshine fix we are sure to have the trip to suit you. In the area around Akureyri you can explore the remote north around the solstice on the 21st June or on one of the cruises which circumnavigate this unique island during the same period.

The same applies to many of our holidays in Alaska and the Yukon. Whilst officially we cannot state that you will see the Midnight Sun, you certainly will be able to see an awful lot 24-hours a day; so setting up camp on our Yukon Canoe Safari will be nice and simple!

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