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Close Encounter with Polar Bears

Sadly, for most, the only chance of seeing a polar bear will be in captivity, but a lucky few will witness these amazing animals in the wild - a completely incredible experience.

The Arctic Live team headed north to Churchill in Manitoba, Canada, aptly named the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’ and based their show on the pursuit of spotting these magnificent kings of the Arctic.

The small town of Churchill lies on the polar bear migration route on the shores of the Hudson Bay where the devastating impact of climate change has caused the ice to arrive later each year.

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As the polar bears eagerly wait for the winter ice to arrive to go out and hunt, they stay in the local area and interactions with humans and sightings of these magnificent animals are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Churchill.

At Artisan Travel, we offer you the chance to walk in the footsteps of the Arctic Live presenters in Churchill and experience the wonders of not only polar bears but also an opportunity to kayak and snorkel in search of beluga whales on our ‘Ultimate Wildlife Experience’ trip.

Looking to encounter more exceptional wildlife? Take a look at our wildlife holidays.  

Exploring Greenland

As a part of the team's journey around the Northern Hemisphere, Simon Reeve headed to Greenland to discover more about these beautiful threatened landscapes. Most notably, Simon learned more about how NASA scientists are closely monitoring the rate of melting glaciers and the impact of it on the earth, highlighting the importance of protecting this beautiful country for future generations.

Greenland is the world's most sparsely populated country, situated in the vast ocean that separates America and Europe, with 80 percent of the land being made out of ice.

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An expedition to Greenland would not be complete without experiencing the floating icebergs, vertiginous fjords and immense glaciers. It is a country filled with a culture of long-held traditions and endless untouched wilderness which is just waiting to be explored.

If you are looking to experience an awe-inspiring destination that very few people have travelled to, then add Greenland to your travel bucket list.

Find out more about Greenland in our blog here

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Meet the Indigenous Sámi Reindeer Herders

In Sweden, Kate Humble was lucky enough to meet the indigenous Sámi reindeer herders and learned about their culture and the issues facing them in a modern world.

But, who are the Sámi reindeer herders? The Sámi community are the indigenous people of the Lapland region, living across northern parts of Finland, Sweden, and Norway.They are semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers who made their home in this part of the world approximately 4000 years ago, making them the oldest and only indigenous cultures in Europe. Their rich cultural heritage is recognised and protected under international conventions, and today the Sámi people get their livelihood mainly from reindeer herding but also from farming, fishing, hunting and handicraft.

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With holidays dedicated to the Sámi way of life, you will gain a valuable insight into the practice of reindeer herding, allowing you to spend time with the herders and their animals. We also feature Sámi experiences whilst in Lapland, such as visits to reindeer farms and the Sámi Siida museum.

Discover more about meeting the Sámi community and their reindeer here

Fishing - Arctic Style

During episode three, Simon Reeve embarked on an Arctic-style fishing expedition in Norway to search for the delectable delicacy that is the king crab.

In Norway, these impressive sea creatures are prolific on the seabed of the reassuringly deep waters of the Barents Sea and have become synonymous with the region. 

These crabs that can reach the leg span of 5ft 9 inches are originally from the Pacific Ocean, but since being introduced to the Norweigan waters by Soviet scientists in the 1960s these mighty crustaceans have thrived, and now have become one of the region's main drawing points for food lovers.

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On our holiday to the beautiful region of Kirkenes in Northern Norway, you will be given an opportunity to catch and sample this much-loved delicacy, as well as the chance to tick off other bucket list experiences such as visiting the Snow Hotel.

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But, that’s not all the Arctic has to offer…

If these weren’t reasons enough to inspire your Arctic adventure, there are plenty of other experiences to entice you into venturing to this truly stunning part of the world.

What could be better than exploring this pristine Arctic landscape during the winter with the Northern Lights dancing above your head? Imagine embarking on thrilling husky safaris, a relaxing reindeer sleigh ride, and snowmobile adventures across endless white plains - all of which can be discovered with Artisan Travel.

Click here to view our full range of Arctic winter holidays.

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