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Summer experiences and activities

Our summer holidays offer a diverse range of activities and each holiday is classified by its pace, meaning that you can see how active an itinerary is at a glance.

In the summer our guests can explore more independently and our self-drive holidays in Iceland and Norway mean that you can determine your own priorities with our expert help.  Importantly, we can help you to include some unforgettable experiences in your itinerary. For example, in Iceland, we can arrange for you to snorkel between continents or hike on a glacier. If you prefer a more leisurely approach then you can simply enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape as you travel along some of the most spectacular routes in Europe.

Our cruise voyage from Greenland to Iceland allows you to enjoy two exceptional islands in one fell swoop. You can choose from the wide variety of shore excursions available, from Icelandic horse riding to leisurely small boat cruises and wildlife watching. Iceland is, of course, also famous for its whale watching cruises.

Norway’s spectacular coast

Norway is one of our most popular summer destinations and its most spectacular northern landscapes are becoming increasingly accessible. The Norwegian coastline is amongst the most dramatic in the world and creates a backdrop for some exceptional experiences and activities.

Starting in the more southern regions we feature the ‘prettiest town in Norway’ Ålesund, the gateway to the mighty fjords. From here, you can kayak, cruise, hike and explore to your heart’s content.

On the Northern coast, you will reach Tromsø, a starting point for many of our holidays. This delightful city offers guests an insight into the heritage of the Arctic and its nature through its museums and a taste of some of its greatest culinary delights.

From Tromsø our guests can take in stunning landscapes and travel along some of the best roads in the world. 

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Iceland’s Natural Wonders

Iceland needs little introduction as this island provides so many bucket list experiences that it is hard to mention them all.

For those who want to see the power of Mother Nature at work then there can be no better place on Earth to visit as the density of volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, geysers and geological wonders is simply incomparable.

Iceland is best broken down into regions in order to ensure a full experience. Our Wild and Wonderful West holiday takes in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula – an area which is often referred to as "Iceland in miniature" as it encapsulates almost everything that is spectacular about the island.

Further south, our Exceptional Iceland holiday incorporates the famous and unmissable Glacier Lagoon and Golden Circle.

If you quite simply cannot choose your destination then our Iceland Circumnavigation cruise is surely the way to go – take in the whole of the coastline and visit very special destinations such as the Westman Islands. 

Chasing the sun in Sweden

Northern Sweden's landscapes are stunning at any time of year but bathed in the Midnight Sun of summer, there is clarity of light that brings the lakes, mountains and forests to life. Couple that with some of the cleanest air in Europe, if not the world, and Sweden leaves you feeling at once invigorated and rejuvenated. 

The region’s above the Arctic Circle ensure endless sunlight in the summer months and nowhere is more perfectly positioned than the Abisko Mountain Lodge where guests will stay during our Sweden’s Midnight Sun and the world famous Icehotel® holiday. The wilderness setting – just 4 km from Abisko National Park – provides a myriad of hiking trails. Included in the trip is a guided night-time excursion to the top of Nuolja Mountain which offers panoramic views of the park and the Midnight Sun.

At this time of year, the weather is warm and the days endless, allowing you to fully appreciate this unique environment.

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