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A Nordic Summer Adventure - Part 4: Midnight Sun

At this time of year, the sun does not set in Northern Norway. Whilst slightly disorientating at first, I soon came to really enjoy the never-ending days and the opportunities this opened. In this time of the Midnight SunNorwegians sleep less – they fish, they kayak, they BBQ, they island hop – more daylight means more time to enjoy the splendours of the land and socialise until the early hours.

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At around 11.30pm the sun dips toward, but never quite reaches, the horizon. The Norwegian fjords and mountains are bathed in a pinkish golden glow and the scenery looks all the more idyllic, exuding a sense of warmth and serenity. As strange as it sounds, one of my favourite things to do was to simply sit on the water’s edge and enjoy the colours of the light.

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Part of our tour included a wonderful RIB boat safari at around 11 pm in total daylight. As our boat sped across the still water, I realised that leaving this remarkable region would be difficult. Our guide took us to where the puffins dig their nests (they burrow underground) and we were soon surrounded by a group of puffins (or, to use the correct collective noun, a circus of puffins). Despite their excellent underwater skills, puffins are not the most adept at flying and flap in a rather over-eager and directionless way, making them look completely ridiculous but utterly adorable. We also caught a glimpse of sea eagles, hovering high above the water, before swooping down to pluck a fish in a graceful manner which put the puffins to shame.

At midnight we stopped to take in the sun, sitting low on the horizon, but steadfastly visible in the Northern sky. This was a perfect end to the day and will, of course, become another wonderful memory for me of Norway. Whilst most people visit this region for the Northern Lights, having seen the array of incredible colours and light that summer can bring, I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Northern Norway in the summer months.

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