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To be on the move is good for your body and soul!

As my grandma always used to say "to be on the move is good for your body and soul".

That is probably why I've always been a person who likes to leave the car in the garage and go for a walk.

There is nothing better after a long day at work or when you just want to escape daily life.

After I started working for The Artisan Travel Company, I had the opportunity to do this wonderful self-guided walking trip and as I really like walking and hiking this was the perfect trip for me. For safety reasons you are not allowed to do it by yourself, so I just had to convince my colleague Jono that walking can be great fun!

When we arrived at Ajaccio Airport our taxi driver brought us to our hotel, which was the perfect starting point to explore the city. It is only a couple of yards away from the beach, nice restaurants and the port. After checking into our rooms we had a wander around the city and a meet and greet with our local experts. They gave us a lot of tips for our walks and provided us with useful maps and route notes. We then finished off our day with a delicious dinner in a restaurant near to the port.

Walking was on our agenda for the next six days and we were looking forward to it, especially me. We packed our day rucksacks in the morning and were driven to our first walking spot, Col de Vergio. Our luggage was dropped off at our next hotel for us, so we didn't have to worry about it. And we actually didn't have to worry about it the whole time, as all the luggage transfers between the hotels were included.

We could spend as little or as much time on the walks, as we could decide our own pace. Our first walk took us six hours, but it included, of course, some breaks and some time to take pictures of the stunning scenery. It was just beautiful! We started our lovely mountain walk at the Col de Vergio, Corsica's highest mountain pass that offers majestic views; we walked through the pine and silver birch trees and joined up the world's famous GR20 path after a while and followed it towards the Golu Valley, an ascent marked by steep valley walls on both sides of the trail. This is really one of the most impressive trails.

We even glimpsed the peak of the Tafunatu Mountain in the distance.

After arriving at our hotel we had a lovely dinner and packed our rucksacks for the next day.

Our walk from Evisa to Porto was also beautiful, although it was the longest one. After a nice breakfast, we started our descent of the famous Spelunca Gorge to Ota. The path zig-zags back and forth leading into the depths. It is really a beautiful place made up of orange granite rock. We also walked past the Zaglia Bridge, a stone arched bridge which was built at the end of the 18th century.

After our lunch break at a lovely, small restaurant in Ota we continued our walk towards Porto. The views were just stunning and we stopped a couple of times trying to capture it on camera!

The deep blue sea combined with the red cliffs and the silhouette of the Genoese tower made an amazing picture.

As we walked towards Porto, we were followed by the smells of the Mediterranean: the sea, the beautiful lavender, the pale pink cistus and all the wild-growing herbs.

And even Jono, who wasn't so sure about this trip, enjoyed all of the walks. But if you would ask me to choose my favourite walk, I think I couldn't do it to be perfectly honest. All of the walks were just beautiful and the region is absolute heaven for walkers and hikers.

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