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Karasjok - The husky safari that never was!

Personally, I am not a huge believer in spirituality, for example, I have never experienced people or places having auras or special meanings.

Sven Engholm and Husky Credit Engholm Husky 2 2 2

However, when I met Sven Engholm the owner and head Musher at Engholm Husky in Karasjok, I was completely blown away by the sheer presence of this incredible man. 


Upon arrival at the husky farm, I (as usual) headed straight out to greet the dogs and look for any unsuspecting puppies for a cuddle.  It was here in the middle of around 50 howling huskies that a sudden quiet ensued (absolutely unheard of in a husky yard – especially with visitors) and I saw a man coming out from the main cabin and walk towards us across the dog yard.  Completely unassuming Sven introduced himself and instantly I was in awe of this gentleman.  If I wasn’t already aware of his incredible accomplishments I would have had no idea I was in the presence of Norwegian mushing royalty (winning the hardest husky race in Norway 11 times will give an individual that kind of reputation).

Engholm Husky winter 1051 red 1 komprimert2 2 2 2

We were invited in to have a tour around the log cabins, all built and furnished by Sven himself from wood found in the forests in the Karasjok area. Sitting in the communal cabin there was simply so much to look at and take in! From the reindeer antlers being used as cup holders to the carved wooden table and stools which we were sitting on made from tree trunks.  As Sven spoke about his life with the dogs you could so clearly see the passion and the enthusiasm he has for this way of life and it was completely infectious! After around an hour sitting inside and chatting about the dogs and the types of tours he runs for musher enthusiasts we went back to meet some of the best-behaved huskies I have ever laid eyes on.  It is one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t get to go out and explore the Arctic wilderness with a team of Sven's fantastic dogs as so many of our happy clients have done in the past. 

 Karasjok Husky Safari to Alta Credit Engholm Husky 2w 2 2 2

One day I will go back to Karasjok – my boss just hopes it won’t be for the whole winter season as one of Sven’s assistants!

Experience the Engholm Huskies here: 

Karasjok - Husky Safari to Alta

Karasjok - Three Day Husky Safari

Photography by Engholm Husky

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